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Christ cried out to the Jews, “You are gods”

fe638 gods


Memories, Dreams, Reflections

Similarly, in Christianity, Christ is an exemplar who dwells in every Christian as his integral personality.

But historical trends led to the imitatio Christi, whereby the individual does not pursue his own destined road to wholeness, but attempts to imitate the way taken by Christ.

Similarly in the East, historical trends led to a devout imitation of the Buddha.

That Buddha should have become a model to be imitated was in itself a weakening of his idea, just as the imitatio Christi was a forerunner of the fateful stasis in the evolution of the Christian idea.

As Buddha, by virtue of his insight, was far in advance of the Brahma gods, so Christ cried out to the Jews, “You are gods” (John 10:34) ; but men were incapable of understanding what he meant.

Instead we find that the so-called Christian West, far from creating a new world, is moving with giant strides toward the possibility of destroying the world we have. ~Carl Jung; Memories Dreams and Reflections.