ETH Lectures Volume 1 from Fhilemon Fountation

The History of Modern Psychology: Lectures Delivered at the ETH Zurich, Volume 1, 1933-1934

The Auditorium Maximum at the ETH, where Jung lectured.

Here for the first time in English are Jung’s lectures on the history of modern psychology from the Enlightenment to his own time, delivered in the fall and winter of 1933–34. In these inaugural lectures, Jung emphasizes the development of concepts of the unconscious, and offers a comparative study of movements in French, German, British, and American thought. He also gives detailed analyses of Justinus Kerner’s The Seeress of Prevorst and Théodore Flournoy’s From India to the Planet Mars. These lectures present the history of psychology from the perspective of one of the field’s most legendary figures. They provide a unique opportunity to encounter Jung speaking for specialists and nonspecialists alike, and are the primary source for understanding his late work.

Featuring cross-references to the Jung canon and explanations of concepts and terminology, The History of Modern Psychologypainstakingly reconstructs and translates these lectures from manuscripts, summaries, and recently recovered shorthand notes of auditors. It is the first volume of a series that will make the ETH lectures available in their entirety to English readers.

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Princeton University Press, Forthcoming, Autumn 2018.


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