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The Red Book

It is nothing other than common evil desire, nothing but everyday temptation, as long as you do not know that it is what the dead demand.

But as long as you know about the dead, you will understand your temptation.

As long as it is no more than evil desire, what can you do about it.

Damn it, regret it, arise anew, only to stumble again and mock and loathe yourself, but definitely despise and pity yourself.

But if you know what the dead demand, temptation will become the wellspring of your best work, indeed of the work of salvation.

When Christ ascended after completing his work, he led those up with him who had died prematurely and incomplete under the law of hardship and alienation and raw violence.

The lamentations of the dead filled the air at the time, and their misery became so loud that even the living were saddened, and became tired and sick of life and yearned to die to this world already in their living bodies.

And thus you too lead the dead to their completion with your work of salvation. ~Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page 278, Footnote 188.