Dr. Jung:

“Called or uncalled, God is present!” It is a Delphic oracle. The translation is by Erasmus.

You ask whether the oracle is my motto. In a way, you see, it contains the entire reality of the psyche. “Oh God!” is what we say, irrespective of whether we say it by way of a curse or by way of love.

Isn’t the psyche of the artist and the intellectual particularly complex and worthy of closer consideration?

So far, too much one-sided attention has been focused on the morbid aspect of the matter.

I wonder why there is so much nonsensical theorizing about the pathology of outstanding people.

Most psychopaths are not geniuses; and on the other hand there are many geniuses who do not show the slightest traces of pathology.

What is much more significant in this context is the shadow! It is important to see also the negative sides of great men.
On Palm Sunday, Christ temporarily played the role of a political Messiah.

His negative side and his power are symbolically displayed in the temptation by the Devil. Biographies should show people in their undershirts.
Goethe had his weaknesses, and Calvin was often cruel. Considerations of this kind reveal the true greatness of a man.

This way of looking at things is better than false hero worship! Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking: Interviews and Encounters, Pages 164-167