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Memories, Dreams, Reflections Publisher: Vintage; Revised Edition edition

[As a student, Dr. Jung failed a class assignment to draw a….Goat.]

Mathematics classes became sheer terror and torture to me.

Other subjects I found easy; and as, thanks to my good visual memory, I contrived for a long while to swindle my way through mathematics, I usually had good marks.

But my fear of failure and my sense of smallness in face of the vast world around me created in me not only a dislike but a kind of silent despair which completely ruined
school for me.

In addition, I was exempted from drawing classes on grounds of utter incapacity.

This in a way was welcome to me, since it gave me more free time; but on the other hand it was a fresh defeat, since I had some facility in drawing, although I did not realize that it depended essentially on the way I was feeling.

I could draw only what stirred my imagination. But I was forced to copy prints of Greek gods with sightless eyes, and when that wouldn’t go properly the teacher obviously thought I needed something more naturalistic and set before me the picture of a goat’s head.

This assignment I failed completely, and that was the end of my drawing classes. ~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections