Modern Psychology: C. G. Jung’s Lectures at the ETH Zürich, 1933-1941

That is what comes to the man who is outside the church: he has to learn to feed himself, with no longer a mother to push the spoon into his mouth.

There is no human being who can provide what is provided by the church.

The church provides for all that naturally; inasmuch as you are a member of the church you get the panis super substantialis [the most substantial bread]; in partaking of the communion, you receive the spiritual food and are spiritually transformed.

Do you think that any father or mother or godmother or aunt or any book can produce the miracle of transubstantiation?

If you yourself can provide for it, then you are the whole mystery of the church: you are the transubstantiation.

If you understand that, you can have the spiritual food every day; then you know what it costs and you understand what the church costs and what the church means. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Seminar, Pages 1012-1013

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