To Richard Wilhelm

Dear friend, 27 August 1929

Best thanks for your letter and the good news about your health, which until now has caused me great worry.

Please abstain from doing too much.

Don’t let the devil of action lure you to Barcelona.

There they make mayonnaises that poison the soul and the bowels.

If I understand your proposals correctly, the questions at issue are

1. the MS on meditation,1 which I am hatching out now, will be published by Grete Ullmann in book form after first appearing in the Europaische Revue,
2. your interpretation of the chakras (in which I play no part) is to be published by the same firm.

As regards 1, I agree with this provided I get a decent fee or 15% of the proceeds.

As regards 2, this is entirely up to you.

Naturally I shall be glad to make a contribution of my own on “primordial images.”

No list or anything of the sort exists.

The mythological motifs have never yet been classified, as their name is legion.

You will find a large number of them if you look up the index of my book Wandlungen und Symbole der Libido.

Perhaps I can contribute something if you send me your description of the original characters.

But it may be a ticklish job.

Or do you want us to undertake this work in common as we did the first?

With the very best wishes, Your sincere and devoted

Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Pages 66-67