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Therefore they all say that they are fighting for the good and for peace, but one cannot fight one another over the good.

But since men don’t know that the conflict lies within themselves, the Germans thus believe that the English and the Russians are wrong; but the English and the Russians say that the Germans are wrong.

But no one can judge history in terms of right and wrong.

Because one-half of mankind is wrong, every man is half wrong.

Therefore a conflict resides in his own soul.

But man is blind and always knows only his half.

The German has in him the English and the Russian whom he fights outside of himself.

Likewise, the English and the Russian has in him the German whom he fights.

But man appears to see the outer quarrel, not the one within, which alone is the wellspring of the great war. But before man can ascend to light and love, the great battle is needed” ~Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page 253, Footnote 220.