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C.G. Jung Speaking

[About the Assumption of the Virgin Mary] Jung said that she has already entered into the nuptial chamber and that thus, naturally, after a time there will be a child.

The churchmen do not realize this, nor do they consider what it will mean.

They stop at the idea that there may be some sort of feminine godhead, but do not speculate on what sort of child will be born, like the child of the Sun-Moon Woman in the Revelation ….

Over and over again, he came back to the need for humanness.

The wise man needs to give a place to foolishness, to childishness.

Otherwise he gets above his humanity and stumbles over a stone; then he goes back and kicks the stone “that ought to have known enough to get out of the way of Mr. So-and-So, while all the time he stumbled because he was not paying enough attention to his humble reality.” ~E. Harding, Conversations with Jung, Page 15