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The Red Book

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I recognized the father because I was a thinker, and thus I did not know the mother, but saw love in the guise of pleasure and called it pleasure, and therefore this was Salome to me.

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Now I learn that Mary is the mother, the innocent and love-receiving, and not pleasure, who bears the seed of evil in her heated and seductive nature. / If Salome, evil pleasure, is my sister, then I must be a thinking saint, and my intellect has met with a sad fate.

I must sacrifice my intellect and confess to you that what I told you about pleasure, namely that it is the principle opposed to forethought, is incomplete and prejudiced.

I observed as a thinker from the vantage point of my thinking, otherwise I could have recognized that Salome, as Elijah’s daughter, is an offspring of thought and not the principle itself which Mary, the innocent Virgin Mother, now appears as. ~Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page 251, Footnote 201.

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