The Red Book (Philemon) 1st Edition

Where the idea is, pleasure always is too.

If the idea is inside, pleasure is outside.

Therefore an air of evil pleasure envelops me.

A lecherous and bloodthirsty Godhead gives me this false air.

This happens because I must altogether suffer the becoming of the God and can therefore not separate it from myself at first.

But as long as it is not separated from me, I am so seized by the idea that I am it, and therefore I am also the woman associated with the idea from the beginning.

In that I receive the idea and represent it in the manner of Buddha, my pleasure is like the Indian Kali, since she is Buddha’s other side.

Kali, however, is Salome and Salome is my soul” (p. 109).

~Carl Jung, Liber Novus, Page 250, Draft, Footnote 196.