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Men often think they can replace the relational function with reason.

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Children’s Dreams (Philemon Foundation Series)

In the present dream, the anima washes her hands, which psychologically means that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with sexuality, but wants to preserve her purity.

This attitude of the anima has played a great role in the later life of the dreamer.

The ensuing split between sexuality and the anima is, by the way, frequently found in men, and often manifests itself as a neglect of Eros, which is the essence of the anima.

Men are rarely split off from sexuality, because it is too evident for them, but what they lack is Eros, the relational function.

Men often think they can replace the relational function with reason.

They are proud that they don’t let themselves be controlled by affect, because this would be womanly, tantamount to weak.

No Eros, for God’s sake!

This lack is what women most complain of in marriage, and is what so disappoints them.

For what they seek in a man is the Eros, the capacity to relate. ~Carl Jung, Children’s Dreams, Page 313.

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