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 1940 The meridian of the first star in Aquarius

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My dear Peter

This is the fateful year for which I have waited since more than 25 years.

I did not know that it was a such a disaster. although since 1918 I knew that a terrible fire would spread over Europe, beginning in the North East.

This year reminds me of the enormous earthquake in 26 B.C. that shook down the great Temple of Karnak.

It was the prelude to the destruction of all temples, because a new time had begun.

1940 is the year where we approach the meridian of the first star in Aquarius. It is the premonitory earthquake of the New Age.

Up to the present moment, Bollingen has escaped, together with Switzerland – the general destruction, but we are in prison.

You don’t see the walls, but you feel them.

The newspapers are hushed and one hardly cares to read them, except for doubtful information about the war.

For a while, just when I started your book, I went with all my grandchildren to the West of Switzerland, because we expected an attack.

Afterwards I was very busy, because all doctors were with the army.

It is awkward to write as the censor reads the stuff.

But I must tell you how often I think of you and all my friends in England.

I often complain that Mr. Chamberlain has not read my interview with  Knickerbocker [an American reporter].

Your book is quite interesting and it seems as if your interpretations were hitting the nail on the head.

Certain points would need some discussion.

But one should talk, writing is too clumsy.

It is difficult to be old in these days. One is helpless.

On the other hand one feels happily estranged from this world. I like nature but not the world of man or the world to be.

I hope this letter will reach you, and convey to you all the wishes the human heart can’t suppress, despite of censors.

They are human too, after all. In autumn I resume my lectures at the E.T.H, about the individuation process in the Middle Ages!

That’s the only thing with me one could call up to date.

I loathe the new style, the new Art, the new Music, literature, politics and above all, the new man.

It’s the old beast that has not changed since the troglodytes.

My dear Peter, I am with you and with old England. ~Carl Jung, Jung’s  Apprentice, Pages 311-312