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God needs man in to become conscious


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God needs man in to become conscious, just as he needs limitation in 􀢢me and space. Let us therefore be for him limitation in me and space an earthly tabernacle. Carl Jung, Letters, Volume 1, Page 65.

Accordingly the capacity to nullify space and 􀢢me must somehow inhere in the psyche, or, to put it another way, the psyche does not exist wholly in 􀢢me and space.

It is very probable that only what we call consciousness is contained in space and 􀢢me, and that the rest of the psyche. the unconscious, exists in a state of relative spacelessness and timelessness.

For the psyche this means a relative eternality and a relative non-separation from other psyches, or a oneness with them. Carl Jung, Letters Volume I, Page 256.