The Psychology of Kundalini Yoga

  1. Anahata Heart Chakra – Air Element – Antelope/Gazelle

The situation of Earth is released into the Air, disattachment with the Earthly realm. Mindfulness, you are no longer identifying with your emotions and desires.

Individuation! Becoming what is not ‘me’: The Self, the trans-personal. Where psychic things have their origins. The me is an appendage of the Self. Realizing values. The beginning of Purusha, the essence, the “Self” which pervades the universe.

Individuation means: becoming what is not me, nobody understands what the Self is, because the Self is exactly that which you are not, it is not the me, the me is merely an appendage of the Self.

As Saint Paul said: I live, but not me, Christ (consciousness, Buddha consciousness) lives within me. In which he meant his life became an objective one, not his own, but the life of one that is higher, of the Purusha.

The purusha is identical with the psychic substance of your thoughts and values or feeling. In recognizing feelings and ideas you witness purusha. This is the first suspicion of a being withing your physiological and psychological existence that is not yourself; a being that encapsulates you, that’s bigger and more important than you are, but has an entirely psychic existence.

In Manipura still don’t know where we are, we are still with our feet on the earth in Muladhara, but in Anahata they are lifted from the surface through the air element.Animus, spirit, comes from the greek anemos, which means wind. And pneuma, mind, is also greek for wind. Arabic ruch = wind or soul or mind. Hebrew = ruach is mind and wind. With your last breath the spirit leaves the body.

Instead of following your impulses, you could think of a ceremony where you can distance yourself from your emotions and observe them and rise above them. You stop yourself in a wild moment and ask yourself: why am I acting this way? When one discovers one can release themselves from emotion: he becomes a real human.

Crossing from Manipura to Anahata is quite difficult because the recognition that the psyche acts on its own, that it really is something other than yourself, is extraordinarily hard to realize and admit. Because it means that consciousness that you call yourself has a border. However if you understand it in the right manner, then – as Tantra Yoga shows – this recognition of the psychogenic factor is in fact the first recognition of Purusa.

The Antelope or Gazelle, again a transformation of the original power, it resembles the ram somewhat, though it is not domesticated as the ram, and it’s not an animal of sacrifice. It is not an aggressive animal, to the contrary it is shy and slippery, very light footed. It’s gone in a glimpse of an eye. If you encounter a herd of them you are amazed at how fast they all vanish again.

They seem to fly with great leaps through the air. There are antelopes in Africa that can jump six to ten meters, like they have wings. Light as the air, and just touch the earth here and there. An animal of the earth but seemingly released from gravity. Perfectly symbolizing the power and lightness of the psychic substance: thought and feeling. Closely resembling the unicorn, a symbol of the holy spirit. (Also symbolized by the Green Lion – green is the color of Anahata.) ~Carl Jung; Kundalini Yoga