Sometimes when working on the Stone Sanctuary and in considerable doubt about why I am doing what I am doing,I think of Max Zeller’s dream.

In 1949, Zeller, who had spent time in a concentration camp and latter became a Jungian analyst, told Jung this dream:

A temple of vast dimensions was in the process of being built. As far as I could see–ahead, behind, right and left–there were incredible numbers of people building on gigantic pillars. I, too, was building on a pillar.

The whole building process was in its very first beginnings, but the foundation was already there, the rest of the building was starting to go up, and I and many others were working on it.

Jung said, “Ja, you know, that is the temple we all build on.

We don’t know the people because, believe me, they build in India and China and in Russia and all over the world.

That is the new religion. You know how long it will take until it is built?” I said, “How should I know? Do you know?”
He said, “I know.”

I asked how long it will take.

He said, “About six hundred years.” “Where do you know this from?” I asked.

He said, “From dreams. From other people’s dreams and from my own. This new religion will come together as far as we can see.”
There is not an analyst who doesn’t experience it.

We work with a person, and there is a critical family situation, or difficulties here and there, and as this individual works, what he or she does spreads.

It has a much greater effect than we think.

It is not as it looks from the outside, that we sit in a narrow cubbyhole; because the material we work with transforms.

It transforms us and we, being touched, touch other people without even talking about it. (p.3) From The Dream: The Vision of the Night. edited by Janet Dallett. (1975)