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The Freud/Jung Letters

Seestrasse, Kusnacht-Zurich,

Dear Professor Freud 27 October 1913

It has come to my ears through Dr. Maeder that you doubt my bona fides.

I would have expected you to communicate with me directly on so weighty a matter.

Since this is the gravest reproach that can be levelled at anybody, you have made further collaboration impossible.

I therefore lay down the editorship of the Jahrbuch with which you entrusted me. I have also notified Bleuler and Deuticke of my decision.

Very truly yours,

Dr. C.G. Jung ~Freud/Jung Letters, Page 550.

Statement by the Editor:

I have found myself obliged to resign as editor of the [ahrbuch,

The reasons for my resignation are of a personal nature, on which account I
disdain to discuss them in public.

C. G. Jung ~Freud/Jung Letters, Page 551.

Statement by the Publisher

After the secession of Prof. Dr. Bleuler and Dr. Jung, Prof.

Dr. Freud will continue this [ahrbuch,

The next volume will appear in the middle of 1914 under the title:

Jahrbuch der Psychoanalyse

Edited by Dr. K. Abraham (Berlin) and Dr. E. Hitschmann (Vienna) Fr. Deuticke ~Freud/Jung Letters, Page 551.