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Freud had to give up the editorship of the Zentralblatt
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C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950

To Trigant Burrow

My dear Burrow, 26 December 1912

I am very glad to have your letter and the manuscript.

I suppose you heard of the great change in Vienna, where Freud and Stekel are in full disagreement.

Stekel behaved in a most impertinent and foolish way, so that Freud had to give up the editorship of the Zentralblatt.

Unfortunately the publisher remained on the side of Stekel, hence Stekel kept the Zentralblatt and Freud was, dismissed.

Freud founded a new journal of international character and we all have gone over to this new journal, leaving Stekel with his mutilated Zentralblatt.

I think you agree with me, sending your article to Freud with the request that your name is mentioned among the regular contributors of the journal.

This place will be more commendable than the Zentralblatt.

I am pretty sure to have left my fountain-pen in your house probably as a present symbolizing literary fertility; it is the pen I wrote my Libido-Arbeit with.

I very much regretted this loss, but if it is in your hands it may stay there.

Yours very truly,

JUNG ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 27