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The Freud/Jung Letters

From Emma Jung

Dear Professor Freud, Kusnacht, 16 March 1910

Here at last you have the programme for Nuremberg, from which you will see that your lecture comes first after all.

My husband had never said anything about his speaking on the 1st day, and as the title is only “Report on America” it will not upset the plan.

I also think he will be glad not to have to speak first, as he may be arriving in Nuremberg at in the morning and will probably be rather tired.

Many thanks for your kind letter- and offer of help which I shall gladly accept if anything more difficult happens.

I can set your mind at rest by telling you that a young friend and pupil of my husband’s, Dr. Honegger, is deputizing with the patients and looking after the Nuremberg business
with me, otherwise I would be rather nervous about everything turning out all right.

Today I am expecting news of my husband’s safe arrival in New York; I do hope it comes soon.

Incidentally, America no longer has the same attraction for him as before, and this has taken a stone from my heart.

It is just enough to satisfy the desire for travel and adventure, but no more than that.

I was very sorry to hear that Frau Hollitscher has had to undergo another operation; I hope she will soon recover and that it will be a lasting success this time.

Please give her my warmest greetings and wishes.

I send greetings to you and all your dear ones,

Emma Jung ~Freud/Jung Letters, Page 303,