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Emma Jung I don’t really know how I am summoning the courage


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The Freud/Jung Letters

Dear Professor Freud, Kusnacht, 30 October [1911]

I don’t really know how I am summoning the courage to write you this letter, but am certain it is not from presumption; rather I am following the voice of my unconscious, which I have so often found was right and which I hope will not lead me astray this time.

Since your visit I have been tormented by the idea that your relation with my husband is not altogether as it should be, and since it definitely ought not to be like this I want to try to do whatever is in my power.

I do not know whether I am deceiving myself when I think you are somehow not quite in agreement with “Transformations of Libido.”

You didn’t speak of it at all and yet I think it would do you both so much good if you got down to a thorough discussion of it. Or is it something else?

If so, please tell me what, dear Herr Professor; for I cannot bear to see you so resigned and I even believe that your resignation relates not only to your real children (it made a quite special impression on me when you spoke of it) but also to your spiritual sons; otherwise you would have so little need to be resigned.

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Please do not take my action as officiousness and do not count me among the women who, you once told me, always spoil your friendships.

My husband naturally knows nothing of this letter and I beg you not to hold him responsible for it or to let any kind of unpleasant effects it may have on you glance off on him.

I hope nevertheless that you will not be angry with your very admiring

Emma Jung ~Freud/Jung Letters, Pages 452.453