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Carl Jung: People always have some scapegoat.

Visions : Notes of the seminar given in 1930-1934 (2 Volume Set) (Bollingen)

So for our patient to recognize her own condition is tremendous progress. Hitherto she had thought it was her husband or the devil or circumstances. People always have some scapegoat.

Perhaps it is the parents who dies twenty years before but are still working against one if only twenty years ago such and such a thing had not been said!

That is exteriorizing oneself, seeing the brain storm outside.

Therefore she goes inside, realizing that the storm is in the inner sea, and there makes the discovery that somebody else is sick.

She had always been sick before in a storm herself and lost her morale completely.

In this case seasickness means demoralization through the wrong psychology, the projection of one’s psychology into other people, for one then has no point of view naturally; one doesn’t exist, one is scattered.

In this dream for the first time she is not seasick, because she recognizes, as her action shows, that the storm is in herself.

So the eive conseuences do not touch her but a little boy in the arms of a nurse.

A little lamb was in her arms before, a female lamb, but now it is a little boy, and since the patient really has a little boy, he would symbolize what she has achieved or brought forth so far.

It is something new, and that attempt at a new form of life is seasick, which means that she is shocked, de- moralized.

She attempts to go to her own town, and on the way she receives a severe shock which makes the boy, her honest attempt, seasick.

For a while he is disintegrated; but she is not disintegrated, seasick.

She knows that she is simply checked for the moment, and that is the beginning of objectivity, of a higher quality of consciousness.

Therefore Schopenhauer says that the only divine quality in man is humor, because humor is a consciousness behind consciousness, an ego behind the ego, and observer on a different level who sees what you see and thinks what you think.

And she makes the hopeful statement that this is the first time that she has not been seasick in such weather-the first time she has not been demoralized in a brain storm-which means, as I said, tremendous progress. Carl Jung, Visions Seminar, Pages 50-51