The Red Book (Philemon)

[Carl Jung explains his own experiments with Visions]

He described his own experiments in detail to his patients, and instructed them to follow suit. His role was one of supervising them in experimenting with their own stream of images.

Morgan noted Jung saying:

Now I feel as though I ought to say something to you about these phantasies … The phantasies now seem to be rather thin and full of repetitions of the same motives.

There isn’t enough fire and heat in them. They ought to be more burning … You must be in them more, that is you must be your own conscious critical self in them-imposing your own judgments and criticisms … I can explain what I mean by telling you of my own experience.

I was writing in my book and suddenly saw a man standing watch over my shoulder.

One of the gold dots from my book flew up and hit him in the eye. He asked me if I would take it out. I said no-not unless he told me who he was.

He said he wouldn’t. You see I knew that.

If I had done what he asked then he would have sunk into the unconscious and I would have missed the point of it ie.: why he had appeared from the unconscious at all.

Finally he told me that he would tell me the meaning of certain hieroglyphs which I had had a few days previous.

This he did and I took the thing out of his eye and he vanished. (Footnote 205) ~The Red Book; Introduction; Page 216.

Footnote 205: October 12,1926. The episode referred to here is the appearance of magician “Ha.” See below, p. 291, note 155.