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Shelf Study for the Red Book

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The Red Book (Philemon)

Shelf Study for the Red Book of Carl Gustav Jung.

Jung went so far as to suggest that his patients prepare their own Red Books.

Morgan recalled him saying:

I should advise you to put it all down as beautifully as you can-in some beautifully bound book.

It will seem as if you were making the visions banal-but then’ you need to do that-then you are freed from the power of them.

If you do that with these eyes for instance they will cease to draw you. You should never try to make the visions come again.

Think of it in your imagination and try to paint it.

Then when these things are in some precious book you can go to the book & turn over the pages & for you it will be your church-your cathedral-the silent places of your spirit where you will find renewal.

If anyone tells you that it is morbid or neurotic and you listen to them-then you will lose your soul-for in that book is your soul