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Microphysics is feeling its way into the unknown side of matter

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Psychology and Alchemy (Collected Works of C.G. Jung Vol.12)

All that is is not encompassed by our knowledge, so that we are not in a position to make any statements about its total nature.

Microphysics is feeling its way into the unknown side of matter, just as complex psychology is pushing forward into the unknown side of the psyche.

Both lines of investigation have yielded findings which can be conceived only by means of antinomies, and both have developed concepts which display remarkable analogies.

If this trend should become more pronounced in the future, the hypothesis of the unity of their subject-matters would gain in probability.

Of course there is little or no hope that the unitary Being can ever be conceived, since our powers of thought and language permit only of antinomian statements.

But this much we do know beyond all doubt, that empirical reality has a transcendental background.

It is a remarkable fact, which we come across again and again, that absolutely everybody, even the most unqualified layman, thinks he knows all about psychology as though the psyche were something that enjoyed the most universal understanding.

But anybody who really knows the human psyche will agree with me when I say that it is one of the darkest and most mysterious regions of our experience.

There is no end to what can be learned in this field. ~Carl Jung, CW 12, Para 2