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The white bird is a half-celestial soul of man.

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The Red Book (Philemon)

“The daimon of spirituality descends into our soul as the white bird.

He is half human soul and is called desire-thought.

The serpent is an earthly soul, half daimonic, a spirit, and akin to the spirits of the dead.

Thus too, like these she swarms around in the things of earth, making us fear them or else having them arouse our craving.

The serpent has a female nature, forever seeking the company of those dead who are spellbound by the earth, and who did not find a way across to singleness.

The serpent is a whore.

She courts the devil and evil spirits; she is a mischievous tyrant and tormentor, forever inveigling the most evil company: The white bird is a half-celestial soul of man.

He abides with the mother, descending from time to time.

The bird is manlike, and is effective thought.

He is chaste and solitary, a messenger of the mother. He flies high above the earth.

He commands singleness. He brings knowledge from the distant ones, who have departed before and attained perfection.

He bears our word up to the mother.

She intercedes, she warns, but she is powerless against the Gods.

She is a vessel of the sun.

The serpent descends and cunningly lames the phallic daimon, or else goads him on.

She bears up the too-crafty thoughts of the earthly, those thoughts that creep through every hole and cleave to all things with craving.

Although the serpent does not want to, she must be of use to us.

She flees our grasp, thus showing us the way, which our human wits could not find.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 353.