The Red Book (Philemon)

A sunspot viewed close-up in ultraviolet light, taken by the TRACE spacecraft

In “Dreams,” Jung wrote: “Tonight: awful and formidable avalanches come crashing down the mountainside, like utterly nightmarish clouds; they will fill the valley on whose rim I am standing on the opposite side.

I know that I must take flight up the mountain to avoid the dreadful catastrophe.

This dream is explained in the Black Book in strange terms, in an entry bearing the same date. “I produced a drawing with red spots.

I read about the current formation of huge sunspots” (p. 2).

The following is a paraphrase of the entry in Black Book 6 for January 17,1917: Jung asks what it is that fills him with fear and horror, what is falling down from the high mountain.

His soul tells him to help the Gods and to sacrifice to them.

She tells him that the worm crawls up to Heaven, it begins to cover the stars and with a tongue of fire he eats the dome of the seven blue heavens.

She tells him that he will also be eaten, and that he should crawl into the stone and wait in the narrow casing until the torrent of fire is over.

Snow falls from the mountains because the fiery breath falls down from above the clouds.

The God is coming, Jung should get ready to receive him.

Jung should hide himself in stone, as the God is a terrible fire.

He should remain quiet and look within, so that the God does not consume him in flames (P.152f). ~Carl Jung; Red Book; Footnote #129.