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C.G. Jung Speaking : Interviews and Encounters

The law was made by man.

We made it.

It is therefore below us, and we can be above it.

As St. Paul said, “I am redeemed and am freed from the law.”

He realized that, as man, he had made it.

So also a contract cannot bind us, for we who made it can break it.

Thus vice too, if entered into sincerely as a means of finding and expressing the Self, is not vice, for the fearless honesty cuts that out.

But when we are bound by an artificial barrier, or by laws and moralities that have entered into us, then we are prevented from finding, or even from seeing that there is a real barrier of the Self outside
this artificial barrier.

We fear that if we break through this artificial barrier we shall find ourselves in limitless space.

But within each of us is the regulating Self. ~Carl Jung, C.G. Jung Speaking, Ester Harding’s Notebooks, Page 28.

Image: Virtues fighting vices, stained glass window (14th century) in the Niederhaslach Church