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Modern Psychology: C. G. Jung’s Lectures at the ETH Zürich, 1933-1941

This psychological fact does not prove the feeling of having been created, but it contains a substantial possibility for such a feeling.

This is a very unpopular and antiquated point of view but it is true.

If we understand “man is created” in this sense it changes our whole attitude.

For if we think that everything originates in the conscious the door is open to a Luciferian hybris.

Then we believe “where there is a will there is a way” and think we are the gods of this world.

Then there is not one god but many gods, for everyone is trying to be the one and only god.

But if we understand: “I am created” correctly, then we recognise that we are a product, that we were anticipated.

We were and knew it not.

It was, so to speak, known, but we must leave the question open who it was that knew it.

If we adopt this point of view we are not very far from the old formulation that man was created.

We are thought from our psyche before we know it, we can bring empirical facts to prove this.

So the statement that “man was created” seems to me very important.

I speak, of course, of his psychic existence and this must not be confused with the facts of natural science regarding his anatomical existence. ~Carl Jung, ETH, 12 January 1940