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Memories, Dreams, Reflections Publisher: Vintage; Revised Edition edition

When I look back upon it all today and consider what happened to me during the period of my work on the fantasies, it seems as though a message had come to me with overwhelming force.

There were things in the images which concerned not only myself but many others also.

It was then that I ceased to belong to myself alone, ceased to have the right to do so.

From then on, my life belonged to the generality.

The knowledge I was concerned with, or was seeking, still could not be found in the science of those days.

I myself had to undergo the original experience, and, moreover, try to plant the results of my experience in the soil of reality; otherwise they would have remained subjective assumptions without validity.

It was then that I dedicated myself to service of the psyche.

I loved it and hated it, but it was my greatest wealth.

My delivering myself over to it, as it were, was the only way by which I could endure my existence and live it as fully as possible. ~Carl Jung, MDR, Page 192.

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