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Toni Wolff: A great moral and spiritual gain000 wolff

June 25, 1937

I think it was very fine and courageous of you to have made this decision to [to give up Eranos].

I realise how difficult it must have been for you.

But I am absolutely convinced that it was the only course to take not to come, as your health matters far more than anything else.

And you can be sure to make a great moral and spiritual gain by this most wise decision.

One always gets something in another direction after having made a sensible sacrifice.

You will somehow get far more than you would have got at the lectures.

I am sure that you are progressing psychologically, this very decision is proof of it.

And in the acceptance also of your own nature as you really are, the more you will feel that your nature and character are really a nice thing, and nothing at all to be despised.

To despise one’s self simply shows that one has not yet made friends with one’s self.

And I am glad too that you have accepted your dependence upon de T.

If you think this over carefully you will have to admit that he is a man of sense and judgement and good taste.

So, if he loves you as he does, you simply cannot be such an utterly impossible person.

Have you never thought of this?

I do hope that de T.’s divorce will come off in the near future. I think you deserve a more quiet and settled sort of life.

And, to tell you the truth, I really do believe that when you have reached a certain inner attitude of complete acceptance of yourself, this can work miracles and that outer things begin to happen, such as for instance a way opening to the divorce. ~Toni Wolff, Jung My Mother and I, Pages 155-156