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Memorials to Emma Jung and Toni Wolff

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What she [Toni Wolff] meant to Jung on that perilous journey van perhaps be summed best in something he told me towards the end of his life.

He was carving in stone, which had become his favorite visual medium, some sort of memorial of what Emma Jung and Toni Wolff had brought to his life.

One the stone for his wife he was cutting the Chinese symbols meaning: “She was the foundation of my house.”

One the stone intended for Toni Wolff, who had died first, he wanted to inscribe another Chinese character to the effect that she was the fragrance of the house.

This imagery of meaning of which this ancient Chinese ideogram is a direct visual expression is clearly saying thereby that she was the “scent,” which represents the faculty of intuition I have mentioned.

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And finally and most conclusive of all, there is the testimony of Emma Jung herself, great spirit that she was.

Just before she died she told a friend of mine close to both herself and her husband, “I shall always be grateful to Toni for doing for my husband what I or anyone else could not have done for him at a most critical time. ~Laurens van der post, Jung and the Story of our Time, Page 177.

Carl Jung’s bas-relief stone monument to Toni Wolff:

Toni Wolff

Carl Jung’s sculptured stone monument to Emma Jung:

Oh outstanding vessel of devotion and obedience!
To the ancestral spirits of my most beloved and faithful wife Emma Maria.
She completed her life and after her death she was lamented.
She went over to the secret of eternity in the year 1955.
Her age was 73.