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C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950

To S. Malkinson

Dear Sir, 12 June 1933

I’m afraid there will be little hope in the future as I have to reducemy time spent on the treatment of patients next October.

The reason is that I have to give lectures here and in Germany and this occupation will take a great deal of my time.

It is true, I don’t deny my sympathy to suffering humanity, but I am only one man against a host of patients and it is just impossible that one man can do the whole job.

It is a mistake when you think that only the authority in this field could help you.

You have a mind just as well as any other human being and you can use it if you only know how to apply it.

Any of my pupils could give you so much insight and understanding that you could treat yourself if you don’t succumb to the prejudice that you receive healing through others.

In the last resort every individual alone has to win his battle, nobody else can do it for him.

Sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. I, Page 127