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Marie Louise Von Franz on Solar/Lunar Mythology

Mythological Gods as Archetypes:

In our language a mythological god is an archetype and an archetype is always at the same time an instinctive pattern, an instinctive basis. Of the archetype of the mother, the biological basis would be motherhood, or of the archetype of the coniunctio, it would be sex.

You Could refer to a biological instinctive god every field, it is ITS meaning, or spiritual aspect. You Could Say That every instinctive dynamism Has an archetypal image. Thus gods are representations of general complexes. Ares or Mars, is an image of the instinct of aggression and self-defense in nature. In animal life, self-defense and aggression and fear to dominate whole part of life, and we are not exempt from this. Every god archetype is a dynamic, explosive load of dynamite and Therefore uncontrolled. The gods are always a bit below the mark as Compared with the human level. Even to the Greeks they were shocking, for they behaved like animals. Stoics The philosophical arguments used to explain it in a philosophical way. The role of the mother-goddess and gods longer available is measureless to have outbursts where they experience the greatest dynamism of life . ~ Marie Louise von Franz 1972, pp.59-60.