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Carl Jung on Adolph Hitler







Adolf Hitler as an infant (c. 1889–1890)

There is no question but that Hitler belongs in the category of the truly mystic medicine man.

As somebody commented about him at the last Nürnberg party congress, since the time of Mohammed nothing like it has been seen in this world. His body does not suggest strength.

The outstanding characteristic of his physiognomy is its dreamy look.

I was especially struck by that when I saw pictures taken of him in the Czechoslovakian crisis; there was in his eyes the look of a seer.

This markedly mystic characteristic of Hitler’s is what makes him do things which seem to us illogical, inexplicable, and unreasonable. … So you see, Hitler is a medicine man, a spiritual vessel, a demi-deity or, even better, a myth.

During an interview with H. R. Knickerbocker, first published in Hearst’s International Cosmopolitan (January 1939).

No nation keeps its word. A nation is a big, blind worm, following what? Fate perhaps. A nation has no honour, it has no word to keep. … Hitler is himself the nation.

That incidentally is why Hitler always has to talk so loud, even in private conversation — because he is speaking with 78 million voices. ~Carl Jung; During an interview with H. R. Knickerbocker (1939).