The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart

“The mind never rests but must go on expecting and preparing for what is yet known and what is still concealed.

Meanwhile, man cannot know what God is, even though he be ever so well of what God is not; and an intelligent person will reject that.

As long as it has no reference point, the mind can only wait as matter waits for him. And matter can never find rest except in form; so, too, the mind can never find rest except in the essential truth which is locked up in it–the truth about everything.

Essence alone satisfied and God keeps on withdrawing, farther and farther away, to arouse the mind’s zeal and lure it to follow and finally grasp the true good that has no cause.

Thus, contented with nothing, the mind clamors for the highest good of all.” ~Meister Eckhart