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A memoir of Toni Wolff

July 16th

Dear Mrs. Champernowne,

Thank you for your letters of June 5th and 17th, and for the enclosure, April 30th.

Meanwhile Dr. Pye has returned to England and taken your pictures with her.

She probably got them to Withymead somehow.

I am so sorry the frame was smashed.

I am glad you found some material in Dr. Harding’s Woman’s Mysteries.

The triune aspect of Hecate was originally not due to the moon, but because she had been a great goddess, master of the three worlds, Heaven, Earth and Underworld.

But the moon was often or mostly seen under three aspects: the bright moon, the dark moon and the half moon.

The festival calendar was accordingly timed.

As for the symbolism of the wheel, you should also look up Hindoo symbolism.

The wheel (chakra) plays a great role there.

I suppose you will find it best in Zimmer’s books (English Edition by Bollingen Press, New York): Maya, Philosophies of India, Myths and Symbols in Indian Art and Civilization.

All edited by Joseph Campbell.

All good wishes,

Affectionately yours, Toni Wolff

  1. S. We have in Switzerland a number of localities with three mountains, three saints etc. said to derive from three Celtic Goddesses who were three in one .

The three are many: The Noms, the Parces etc. always referring to Time.

In Buddhism the wheel is on the one hand the cycle of everlasting rebirth, but also the wheel of the true teaching and knowledge, by which rebirth is overcome. ~Toni Wolff, A Memoir of Toni Wolff, Page 47