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Carl Jung on the & Golden Thread


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Dr. Jung talked about the various forms of relationship, about sexuality, about friendship (which is mitigated desire, with its obligations to write frequently and so on.).

There is a third kind of relationship, the only lasting one in which it is as though there were an invisible telegraph wire between two humans.

He said, “I call it, to myself, the Golden Thread.”

This may be masked by other forms of relationship.

And other forms may be present without any such thread in them.

It is only when the veil of maya, of illusion, is rent for us that we can begin to recognize the Golden Thread.

He went on to speak of the three realities that make up the individuated state; God; the Self; and Relatedness.

Or in Christian terms: God, Father, and Son; the Spirit, or Self; and the Kingdom of Heaven.

And just as it is impossible to individuate without relatedness, so it is impossible to have real relationships without individuation.

For otherwise illusion comes in continually, and you don’t know where you are. ~E. Harding, Conversations with Jung, Pages 10-11.