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As a result, I went back to my work on Kepler.


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Atom and Archetype: The Pauli/Jung Letters, 1932-1958

Dream: 25 October 1946

Through the post I receive a casket. Inside it is apparatus for the experimental investigation of cosmic rays.

Next to it is a tall, blond man.

He seems to be somewhat younger than me (maybe between 30 and 40).

He says: “You must force the water up higher than the houses in the city so that the city dwellers will believe you.”

Then behind the apparatus in the little box I notice a bunch of keys, 8 in all, arranged in a circle with the key-bits hanging down.

Comment: The water and the city are allusions to earlier dreams.

In these dreams there was a dark, male figure playing a role who appeared as a “Persian” who had not been accepted as a student at the Institute of Technolngy (contrast to the prevailing scientific collective opinion).

“The Blond” and “The Persian” may be dual aspects of one and the same figure (they never appear together).

The figure has an extremely “psychopompos” character and has a similar function to Mercury with the alchemists.

He is not the same as the “wise old man” (also familiar from dreams) , although the main difference is that of age.

It was only in June of the following year that I dreamed that the water had drained off.

Dream: [Zollikon-Ziirich] 28 October 1946

The “Blond” is standing next to me.

In an ancient book I am reading about the Inquisition trials against the disciples of the teachings of Copernicus (Galileo, Giordano Bruno) as well as about Kepler’s image of the Trinity.

Then the Blond says: “The men whose wives have objectified rotation are being tried.”

These words upset me greatly: The Blond disappears, and to my consternation the book also becomes a dream image: I find myself in a courtroom with the other accused men.

I want to send my wife a message, and I write a note: “Come at once, I am on trial.”

It is getting dark, and for a long time I cannot find anyone to give the note to.

But finally a Negro comes along and says in a friendly way that he will deliver the note to my wife.

Soon after the Negro has left with the note, my wife turns up in fact and says to me: “You forgot to say good night to me.”

Now it starts to get lighter, and the situation is as it was at the beginning (except that my wife is now present, too): The Blond” is standing next to me once more, and I am reading the ancient book again.

Then the Blond says to me sadly (apparently referring to the book): “The judges do not know what rotation or revolution is, and that is why they cannot understand the men,”

With the insistent voice of a teacher, he goes on to say: “But you know what rotation is!”

“Of course” is my immediate reply, “The circulation of the blood and the circulation of light-all that is part of the basic rudiments.”

(This seemed to be a reference to psychology but the word is never mentioned.)

the Blond says: “Now you understand the men whose wives have objectified their their rotation for them.”

Then I kiss my wife and say to her: “Good night!

It is terrible what these poor people who have been charged are going through!”

I grow very sad and start crying. But the Blond says with a smile: “Now you’ve got the first key in your hand.”

At this point I woke up and was quite shaken.

The dream was an experience of a numinous character and has deeply influenced my conscious attitude.

As a result, I went back to my work on Kepler.

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At that time, apparently (17th cent.), a projection of the mandala and rotation symbolism had occurred externally.

The “accusation” relates to the resistance of collective opinion (see above, comment to the previous dream).

From the higher point of view of acquiring consciousness, the accusation relates to the fact that the men did not know where their wives (=anima) were, nor what their role was in the process of perception.

As you know, I then came across the work of that remarkable fellow R. Fludd, whose anima did not objectify rotation for him since this was able to find its expression in the Rosicrucian mysteries.

This is where the infans solaris is born in the middle sphere, accompanied by the proportia sesquitertia of world time.

Kepler’s other proportions could not possibly be of any interest to F1udd, since his anima did not respond to the archetype that modem natural science had produced.

But Fludd knew where the anima was with Kepler and the other scientists: It had moved from the material into the perceiving subject. which aroused deep distrust in F1udd since it was then outside the Rosicrucian mysteries removed from control through consciousness.

It appears that F1udd’s voice, which was ignored at the time, is imbued with new meaning, since for the modems the objectifying of space had only limited validity.

The neutral language of the “Blond” in the dream (he did not employ such terms as “physical” or “psychic’ but just talks of people who “know what rotation is” and those who do not know) seems to be reanimating that intermediary layer where the infans solaris used to be.

The modern unconscious speaks here of a “radioactive nucleus.” ~Wolfgang Pauli, Atom and Archetype, Pages 30-32