The Red Book (Philemon)

“Man is a gateway, through which you pass from the outer world of Gods, daimons, and souls into the inner world, out of the greater. into the smaller world. Small and inane is man, already he is behind you, and once again you find yourselves in endless space, in the smaller or inner infinity.

“At immeasurable distance a lonely star stands in the zenith.

“This is the one God of this one man, this is his world, his Pleroma, his divinity.

“In this world, man is Abraxas, the creator and destroyer of his own world.

“This star is the God and the goal of man.

This is his lone guiding God, in him man goes to his rest, toward him goes the long journey of the soul after death, in him everything that man withdraws from the greater world shines resplendently.

“To this one God man shall pray. Prayer increases the light of the star; it throws a bridge across death, it prepares life for the smaller world, and assuages the hopeless desires of the greater.

“When the greater world turns cold, the star shines.

“Nothing stands between man and his one God, so long as man can turn away his eyes from the flaming spectacle of Abraxas.

“Man here, God there.

“Weakness and nothingness here, eternally creative power there.

“Here nothing but darkness and clammy cold there total sun.” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Page 354.

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