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Carl Jung: Recently I had to cope with about 100 letters in 14 days.

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C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950

To Erich Neumann

Dear Dr. Neumann, 5 August 1946

I mustn’t keep you waiting any longer although I am far from having finished reading everything you sent me.

I am particularly impressed by the lucidity and precision of your formulations.

My further impressions must wait and I plead for patience.

You can scarcely imagine how overloaded I am with work, above all with letters.

Recently I had to cope with about 100 letters in 14 days.

Hardly were the postal connections with abroad re-established than tempests of letters blew in.

Also it rained MSS which are particularly bothersome.

Besides that I had to see patients and give an eye to my own work.

Since my illness I am no longer as efficient as before and have to spare myself a bit.

The result is I get nowhere.

I always wanted to write to you but each time something intervened that had to be settled immediately, so that I never found the leisure to write you anything substantial.

I have also been thinking how we could get you over to Europe again, but I see no way at present.

Conditions here are difficult, as you can imagine, and everything is uncertain.

We live on our cultural island as before, but all round us is sheer destruction, physical and moral.

One has to shut one’s eyes to do anything sensible oneself.

Germany is rotted beyond description.

Letters I get from there are with few exceptions either infantile or pig-headed or hysterical, which more than anything else confirms that my diagnosis of Germany’s spiritual condition was right.

In France, England, and Switzerland it is now Catholic scholars who are taking an interest in my psychology.

For the rest, a book by a Reformed theologian Dr. H. Schar, Religion und Seele in der Psychologie C. G. Jungs, Z has just been published (Rascher, Zurich).

It might interest you.

It is very good and positive.

The author is lecturer on the psychology of religion at the University of Bern.

I have just finished lectures on “The Spirit of Psychology” for Eranos.

They are discussions of principle.

I’ll send you an offprint,

Also my little book on transference is to appear soon.

It’s a risky business, but when you are old you can say more than when life is still ahead.

The situation in Palestine seems to be very difficult indeed.

The new age is being born with endless pains.

Recently I ran into X. while visiting one of my Kabbalistic pupils.

He is an interesting phenomenon.

He gets into the unconscious through the roof and as the corns on his feet are blind he can’t see what he’s climbing down into.

Meanwhile with best greetings and wishes,

Ever sincerely yours,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 438-439.