Memories, Dreams, Reflections

[Carl Jung on the Death of his Sister Gertrud (Trudi).]

For my mother it was hard that I was leaving Basel. But I knew that I could not spare her this pain, and she bore it bravely.

She lived together with my sister, a delicate and rather sickly nature, in every respect different from me.

She was as though born to live the life of a spinster, and she never married. But she developed a remarkable personality, and I admired her attitude.

She had to undergo an operation that was considered harmless, but she did not survive it.

I was deeply impressed when I discovered that she had put all her affairs in order beforehand, down to the last detail.

At bottom she was always a stranger to me, but I had great respect for her.

I was rather emotional, whereas she was always composed, though very sensitive deep down.

I could imagine her spending her days in a Home for Gentlewomen, just as the only sister of my grandfather had done. ~Carl Jung, Memories Dreams and Reflections, Page 113

Image: Carl Jung to the right, his father to the left, his mother sitting and his sister Gertrud (Trudi) behind. 1893.