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Far from being a material world, this is a psychic world
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Carl Jung – Structure and Dynamics of the Psyche CW 8

Far from being a material world, this is a psychic world, which allows us to make only indirect and hypothetical inferences about the real nature of matter.

The psychic all forms of the psychic, even “unreal” ideas and thoughts which refer to nothing “external.”

We may call them “imagination” or “delusion,” but that does not detract in any way from their effectiveness.

Indeed, there is no “real” thought that cannot, at times, be thrust aside by an “unreal” one, thus proving that the latter is stronger and more effective than the former.

Greater than all physical dangers are the tremendous effects of delusional ideas, which are yet denied all reality by our world-blinded consciousness.

Our much vaunted reason and our boundlessly overestimated will are sometimes utterly powerless in the face of “unreal” thoughts.
The world powers that rule over all mankind, for good or ill, are unconscious psychic factors, and it is they that bring consciousness into being and hence create the sine qua non for the existence of any world at all.

We are steeped in a world that was created by our own psyche. ~Carl Jung CW 8, Para 747