Modern Psychology: C. G. Jung’s Lectures at the ETH Zürich, 1933-1941

[The Vision of the Sun by Symeon the New Theologian as cited by Dr. Jung in “Modern Psychology” Page 229]

I can give you a parallel from the writings of Symeon, the New Theologian (970-1040), who also describes a vision of the sun:

“My tongue lacks words, and what happens in me my spirit sees clearly but does not explain. It sees the invisible, that emptiness of all forms, simple throughout, not complex, and in extent infinite.

For it sees no beginning, and it sees no end. It is entirely unconscious of the meanings, and does not know what to call that which it sees.

Something complete app ears, it seems to me, not indeed through the being itself, but through a participation.

For you enkindle fire from fire, and you receive the whole fire ; but this remains undiminished and undivided, as before.

Similarly, that which is divided separates itself from the first; and like something corporeal spreads itself into several lights.

This, however, is something spiritual, immeasurable, indivisible, and inexhaustible.

For it is not separated, when it becomes many, but remains undivided and is in me, and enters within my poor heart like a sun or circular disc of the sun, similar to the light, for it is a light.

And following It my spirit demanded to embrace the splendor beheld, but it found It not as creature and did not succeed in coming out from among created beings, so that it might embrace
that uncreated and uncomprehended splendor.

Nevertheless it wandered everywhere, and strove to behold It.

It penetrated the air, it wandered over the Heavens, it crossed over the abysses, it searched, as it seemed to it, the ends of the world . But in all of that it found nothing, for all was created.

And I lamented and was sorrowful, and my breast burned, and I lived as one distraught in mind.

But It came, as It would, and descending like a luminous mystic cloud, It seemed to envelop my whole head so that dismayed I cried out.

But flying away again It left me alone.

And when I, troubled, sought for It, I realized suddenly that It was in me, myself, and in the midst of my heart It app eared as the light of a spherical sun “.