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The Red Book (Philemon)

“The lowest in you is the stone that the builders discarded. It will become the cornerstone.

The lowest in you will grow like a grain of rice from dry soil, shooting up from the sand of the most barren desert, and rise and stand very tall. Salvation comes to you from the discarded.

Your sun will rise from muddy swamps. Like all others, you are annoyed at the lowest in you because its guise is uglier than the image of yourself that you love.

The lowest in you is the most despised and least valued, full of pain and sickness.

He is despised so much that one hides one’s face from him, that he is held in no respect whatsoever, and it is even said that he does not exist because one is ashamed for his sake and despises oneself In truth, it carries our sickness and is ridden with our pain.

We consider him the one who is plagued and punished by God on account of his despicable ugliness.

But he is wounded, and exposed to madness, for the sake of our own justice; he is crucified and suppressed for the sake of our own beauty .

We leave him to punishment and martyrdom that we might have peace.

But we will take his sickness upon ourselves, and salvation will come to us through our own wounds” ~Carl Jung, Red Book, Footnote 204; Page 300.