Memories, Dreams, Reflections

In front of this wall was a slope in which was embedded a stone that jutted out my stone.

Often, when I was alone, I sat down on this stone, and then began an imaginary game that went something like this: “I am sitting on top of this stone and it is underneath.’

But the stone also could say “I” and think: 1 am lying here on this slope and he is sitting on top of me.”

The question then arose: “Am I the one who is sitting on the stone, or am I the stone on which he is sitting?”

This question always perplexed me, and I would stand up, wondering who was what now.

The answer remained totally unclear, and my uncertainty was accompanied by a feeling of curious and fascinating darkness.

But there was no doubt whatsoever that this stone stood in some secret relationship to me.

I could sit on it for hours, fascinated by the puzzle it set me. ~Carl Jung, MDR, Page 20