Psychology and Religion CW 11

At about the same time, or a little later, it is rumoured what has happened: he has remembered a feminine being who is no less agreeable to him than to man, a friend and playmate from the beginning of the world, the first-born of all God’s creatures, a stainless reflection of his glory and a master workman, nearer and dearer to his heart than the late descendants of the protoplast, the original man, who was but a secondary product stamped in his image.

There must be some dire necessity responsible for this anamnesis of Sophia: things simply could not go on as before, the “just” God could not go on committing injustices, and the “Omniscient” could not behave any longer like a clueless and thoughtless human being.

Self-reflection becomes an imperative necessity, and for this Wisdom is needed.

Yahweh has to remember his absolute knowledge; for, if Job gains knowledge of God, then God must also learn to know himself.

It just could not be that Yahweh’s dual nature should become public property and remain hidden from himself alone.

Whoever knows God has an effect on him. The failure of the attempt to ~corrupt Job has changed Yahweh’s nature. ~Carl Jung, CW 11, Para 617