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Nothing is more valuable to the evil one than his eye.


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The Red Book (Philemon)

Nothing is more valuable to the evil one than his eye, since only through his eye can emptiness seize gleaming fullness.

Because the emptiness lacks fullness, it craves fullness and its shining power. And it drinks it in by means of its eye, which is able to grasp the beauty and unsullied radiance of fullness.

The emptiness is poor, and if it lacked its eye it would be hopeless.

It sees the most beautiful and wants to devour it in order to spoil it.

The devil knows what is beautiful, and hence he is the shadow of beauty and follows it everywhere, awaiting the moment when the beautiful, writhing great with child, seeks to give life to the God.

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If your beauty grows, the dreadful worm will also creep up you, waiting for its prey.

Nothing is sacred to him except his eye, with which he sees the most beautiful.

He will never give up his eye. He is invulnerable, but nothing protects his eye; it is delicate and clear, adept at drinking in the eternal light. It wants you, the bright red light of your life. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, Hell, Page 289.

Image: Roman-era mosaic from Antioch depicting a plethora of devices against the evil eye.

A Ruby Eye Pendant from an ancient civilization in Mesopotamia was possibly used as amulet to protect against evil eyes. Adilnor Collection.