The Red Book (Philemon)

We need the coldness of death to see clearly.

Life wants to live and to die, to begin and to end.

You are not forced to live eternally; but you can also die, since there is a will in you for both.

Life and death must strike a balance in your existence.

Today’s men need a large slice of death, since too much incorrectness lives in them, and too much correctness died in them.

What stays in balance is correct, what disturbs balance is incorrect.

But if balance has been attained, then that which preserves it is incorrect and that which disturbs it is correct.

Balance is at once life and death. For the completion of life a balance with death is fitting.

If I accept death, then my tree greens, since dying increases life.

If I plunge into the death encompassing the world, then my buds break open. How much our life needs death!

Joy at the smallest things comes to you only when you have accepted death.

But if you look out greedily for all that you could still live, then nothing is great enough for your pleasure, and the smallest things that continue to surround you are no longer a joy.

Therefore I behold death, since it teaches me how to live.

If you accept death, it is altogether like a frosty night and an anxious misgiving, but a frosty night in a vineyard full of sweet grapes.

You will soon take pleasure in your wealth. Death ripens.

One needs death to be able to harvest the fruit. Without death, life would be meaningless, since the long-lasting rises again and denies its own meaning.

To be, and to enjoy your being, you need death, and limitation enables you to fulfill your being. ~Carl Jung, The Red Book, The Remains of Earlier Temples, Pages 274-275