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Carl Jung Please don’t be horrified at my writing to you again.


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C.G. Jung Letters, Vol. 1: 1906-1950

To Richard Wilhelm

My dear Professor Wilhelm, 26 April 1929

Please don’t be horrified at my writing to you again.

I rushed in vain to your house in Frankfurt-not to bother you but because I was somehow worried about you.

Please don’t be •offended.

You are too important to our Western world.

I must keep on telling you this.

You mustn’t melt away or otherwise disappear, or get ill but wicked desires should pin you to the earth so your work can go on.

The result of my lecture at the Nauheim Psychotherapeutic Congress is that, is that without my previous knowledge, the board of the Psychotherapeutic Society has decided to ask you to give a lecture next year (presumably in Baden-Baden).

This will make history!

Think what it means if medical practitioners, who get at the ordinary person so brashly and in the most vulnerable spot were to be inoculated with Chinese philosophy~

It is simply inconceivable.

I am delighted and only hope that no devils will keep you away from this historic occasion.

This really goes to the heart of the matter.

Medicine is switching over to psychology with a vengeance, and that’s where the East comes in.

There’s nothing to be done with the theologians and philosophers because of their arrogance.

Excuse this new intrusion I hope you are restored in health.

Don’t overwork yourself.

The Lamaic mandala has been copied.

I will send back to original soon.

Your ever devoted,

C.G. Jung ~Carl Jung, Letters Vol. 1, Pages 63-64.