Dear Professor [Pauli] 6 March 1937

Your letter gave me much pleasure, and I thank you most sincerely for your willingness to make more of your dream material available to me.

As you know, I have always taken a lively interest in your unconscious processes, and I really would he most grateful if you at least continued to send me those dreams that are of a significant nature-you are fully aware of
what I mean by that.

Most dreams, as you rightly say, are insignificant; that is, when the external situation changes, they soon lose their value, which only lasts for a certain period of time.

Such dreams fade away quickly if they are not written down, and this is no great loss.

The significant dreams, the other hand, and especially yours, are of great value when it comes to scientific research into motifs.

I have not been able to spend any time on your dreams recently, as I bad to “excavate” the ancient and medieval lines that have led to our dream psychology.

But sooner or later I shall tackle these dreams and extend the examination to the additional dreams, and not just the 400 dreams that have come in so far.

With best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

[C. G. JUNG)

Dear Professor Jung. 7, 3. V. 1937

I refer to your kind letter in March of this year and so am sending you further dream material, to which I have added a short chronological table.

There is also a drawing that goes with the material, which I shall send to you in the next few days.

All the dreams are from the year 1936, but the accompanying notes were written onIy recently (April 1937).

These notes are in no way meant to preclude a psychological interpretation by the expert; their sole aim is to establish the context, especially the link with the earlier material.

Any detailed scientific interpretation would certainly have to make comparisons with other material (possibly with historical material), which is quite beyond my competence and my abilities.

I leave it entirely up to you as to whether you wish to make further use of the material, and remain,

with best wishes,

Yours sincerely,

W. Pauli

[Atom and Archetype, Pages 17-18]